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Thread: FSTIQTouring vs 55oTransport or Widetracks?

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    Default FSTIQTouring vs 55oTransport or Widetracks?

    Wife has given the green light for sleds! We are not Hillsiders.. expecting to ride paxon, coalmine road, Fort Greely area and other established trail systems.. We do hunt. Have 2yr old child too. Since shes not buying the Enclosed Argo with tracks idea... I'm looking at Polaris FSTIQTouring vs 55oTransport or Widetracks? any advice??

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    Default Wide track

    We got the wife a 2009 Bearcat 570XT this year. While we have not really been able to work it yet, she has been happy with it. HEAVY, yes but so is my Beatcat 660 wide track.

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    If you are going to be using it for hunting, I'd stay away from the "touring" machines. They are set up for a cushy ride on trails and usually don't handle boondocking or breaking trail very well.

    I'd be taking a serious look at the widetrack rigs. They have the hi/low range and are set up well for hauling a load and towing. A friend of mine bought the Yamaha Professional last year, man is it impressive! I don't think it would be much of a trail breaker either, but it has a big 4-stroke that just sips the gas yet still does like 80mph if you want to. You might give them a look too.

    Good luck!

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    Thumbs up Yamaha!

    Check out the VK Pro. a great 2up machine!!!! Plus it will tow a heck of a load. 1000lb. moose no problem!!! We use them for breaking and grooming trails. Got one VK with 9000 miles on it and it is holding up great! Talk to Mike at Alaska House of Yamha in Big Lake if you want more info. 892-1000
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