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Thread: Powder burn rate charts?

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    Default Powder burn rate charts?

    I have three charts with 131-173 powders listed.

    The question I have is:

    Do any of the posters / readers here have a source of good reference material that can be down loaded for burn rates. One that is trusted to be accurate by many users.

    The charts that I have don't agree with each other at all and list powders in different orders of burn rate by several positions. I understand that powders change / evolve over time but what is the latest source of information out there.

    I have found that the chart on seems to be more consistent with my manuals selection of powders.

    Any comments or information will be appreciated.

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    I use the Hodgdon chart on their web site. Since they distribute IMR and Winchester I figure they have an advantage.

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    Just a heads up that burn rates are relative, not absolute. What that means is that in one chambering powder A will burn faster than powder B, and in another chambering powder B will burn faster than powder A.

    I consider powder burn rate charts to be interesting, but useless as a source to try a powder that hasn't been tested in a pressure gun for a given chambering.

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    Default Reload bench

    I was reading your post and took a look at

    What a great website!


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