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Thread: Airboat: where/how to set timing..

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    Default Airboat: where/how to set timing..

    Does anyone know a mechanic that can set the timing and adjust the carb on a 350. I just had the carb rebuilt and the engine seems to stall and produces an odd sound when you stomp on the fuel. The engine appears to be idling about 900 and should be around 600 according to the books.

    Guess moose season is just a dream this year, but if I can get it fixed in a week or so, I might be able to go to Fairbanks for the cow hunt....

    I have tried to contact a few other airboaters and I think they are hunting, so any info would be appreciated.

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    You should be able to adjust those yourself. There are idle screws near where the linkage connects to the carb. To adjust the timing,you loosen the bolt under the distributor and rotate it, with the engine running until it sounds right...or you can do it the right way, with a timing light. I had a worn out hevy with a 350 when I was just out of High School and we were constantly adjusting timing and idle...sometimes at a stoplight. Not too tough once you figure it out. See if you can find a manual for the'll walk ya through it.


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