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    I'm new to the bow so I'll try to explain this so it makes sense...I recently bought an Implala Recurve from Cabelas. On the ends of the limbs where the string attaches there is a grove maybe 4-6 inches long that the string rides in. I didn't notice until recently that when I pull back and release, the string on the top limb is out of it's grove. I push it back in, pull and release and it's out again. I tried re-stringing and it still does it. With that explanation, does it sound like the top limb is twisted? Thanks in advance, Robert

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    Yes, it's twisted. It most likely happens when not properly strung with a bow stringer or it may have been resting against something or something rested on it for a long period of time. Easy fix. Turn the bath tub on hot and stick the limb tip (unstrung) under the water for a few minutes until it's hot to the touch. Grab the tip and twist it away from the side of the bow that the string gravitated to. Don't be timid. Let the bow completely cool down and restring with a bow stringer. Sight down the string from one tip to the other see if the tips line up. Give it a draw and check for string alignment. Repeat until the string tracks in the grooves. Never attempt to sting it if it's still hot.

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    When you say pull and release you don't mean "dry firing" the bow or shooting without an arrow do you? Seems weird a new Impala would have a twisted limb.
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    You do indeed have a twisted limb. Time to send it back.

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    Thanks fellas, I may try the hot water fix but I'm leaning towards kgpcr suggestion. I figured it must be twisted but wanted to confirm. I have/use a stringer and would never "dry fire" any bow.

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    I'd be sending it back for sure, Cabelas has a great return policy. The hot water method will work but it may void whatever warranty you have on the new bow. Good luck.

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    naw dont send it back. This is a very common problem from either miss stringing (ALWAYS USE A STRINGER and use it properly) and dont leave it standing in a corner forever. Just one wrong stringing can easily twist a limb.

    Also you dont need anything hot to bend it back. Quite frankly in the 18 years (man I'm getting OOOOLD lmao) and to many bows to count I wouldnt touch them with anything hot. It's not nesiccarily a bad thing though hot anything and glues usually to include this case DO NOT go together nicely. There really is no need for heat I do know it is a very common recommended remedy use this as a very LAST resort. Simply bend it back. YOu'll have to over bend it at little and likely have to do this a few times to get it right. Becareful if you do it strung you can pop the string off if you aint so careful so use caution here. The simple method is, though a bit labor intesive, to unstring it, bend it, string it then check it....draw it and let down fairly quickly, or shoot an arrow, or just twangg the string a bit if it's bad enough. I typically draw then slowly let down while looking at the string grooves.

    Pretty simple eh. And no more shipping charges. My first bow had a twisted limb. Was 14 years old, bought a brand new martin hunter of the shelf. Strung it right still had a twisted limb. Took it to a new store. Wayne Carlton (no relation though slightly famous in his own right) grabbed it said to watch closely. He bent that limb hard I thought my new bow was a goner. Never had a twisted limb again in that bow.

    Now I must add. If this is a continous problem. Look at how you're storing it, transporting it, stringing it and shooting. Send it back if it is a constent problem which with some general care it should be.

    good luck!


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