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Thread: I'm back in Alaska !!!

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    Default I'm back in Alaska !!!

    Hello all.
    Just letting everyone know that I'm back in the state. Just as soon as I get unpacked I will start organizing training groups again. So contact me if you have trained with me in the past or want to start.

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    Kink Alaska surrounded by sled dog kennels, a fabulous view and lots of hunting.

    Default Baron's Back!!!

    Good to see you back! Must have been quite a trip.

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    Baron, are you back to stay or just for awhile 'til you go back south?
    "It's the journey that's important, with experience and knowledge to be gained along the way, in the company of our faithful dogs and our good friends."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Here to stay. I do love to play the "games" and the training that is involved to get to that level. I will continue to look for opportunities that will allow me to grow in this sport.

    I will be training again here in the state and I will continue traveling out during the winter months for training or bird hunting trips.

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    Default Does that go for upland?

    How often do you work with people and their upland dogs, or are you mainly working with people with labs?

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    Primarily retrievers, but I have worked with lots of folks with their upland dogs. Since I run NAHRA from time to time all my retrievers are taught to quarter, trail and to be steady to flush and shot.
    I have worked upland dogs to establish a proper point, "whoa", to back other dogs on point.
    I also teach use of the e-collar with tone to keep the working dog within shotgun range. Very nifty if you have pheasants that shy away from the sound of hunters or will run from the sound of a dog whistle. By this way your not out there tooting your whistle alerting all the birds. Plus it makes a much quieter hunt for you and your buddies.


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