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Thread: just how well preserved is smoked salmon?

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    Default just how well preserved is smoked salmon?

    I've smoked a fair amount of salmon, but I've always kept what I was going to eat in the frig or froze it till a later time. I have a buddy in the lower 48 who'd like me to send him some and suggested I just go with flat rate shipping rather than pay FedEx overnight with the vacuum sealed fillets on dry ice. So I was wondering, does smoked salmon need to be refrigerated? Or is it pretty well preserved after smoking, assuming it is dried out to a certain degree?

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    Hot or cold smoked?
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    generally speaking hot smoked salmon needs to be treated as a refrigerated product. every minute it is stored thawed counts against it's shelf life, which would be, in the case of kipper-smoked fish, not much more than 10 days MAX!!
    cold smoked fish has varying degrees of "preservedness" depending on more factors than could be covered here.. species, brine time, smoke temp...?
    anyhow, unless the smoked fish you are sending is darn near jerky i would suggest it being sent frozen and next day air...
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    We have sent dry fish to my baby sister in new york state and the middle sister in montana successfully. Send it express mail or priority during the begining of the week. Make sure it is frozen when you send it. Vacuum packing help but not needed. They have gotten them still frozen most of the time.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I usually do a hot smoke (3-4 hours or so). I prefer not to dry out the fillet to jerky status My brining is pretty simple, just a dry rub that sits on the fish for a couple hours. So given the relatively quick brining and hot smoking, I'll definitely treat the smoked fillets as a product needing refrigeration.


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