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Thread: favorite concealed carry 1911 holster??

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    Default favorite concealed carry 1911 holster??

    Well. I just purchased a kimber pro carry II. so it has a 4 inch barrel. I am trying to figure out what holster to purchase to carry concealed. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by akprideinvegas View Post
    Well. I just purchased a kimber pro carry II. so it has a 4 inch barrel. I am trying to figure out what holster to purchase to carry concealed. thanks
    Me too! Also purchased a leather holster for the small of the back (cheep at gun show). Then I read that one is vulnerable to back attack and getting hurt if thrown to ground on your back. Most I have read recommend strong or weak side mount
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    Default holster q

    sparks or rosen is my bet if you want the best holster galco if you want an off the shelf one

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    Default Galco Fletch

    I actually have two a "small of back" and the Galco Fletch. I carry my Kimber Ultracarry II in the Fletch. It carries it high and pulls the butt in against your side. The important thing is to buy a good gun belt as well. That is a must IMHO. also has some great pancake holsters as well. Rob is on this forum and can make you just what you want. He is in the Wasilla area.

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    I own Galco and Kirkpatrick, both quality holsters at decent prices, with Kirkpatrick offering a bit of custom work without double/triple pricing. I had some issues with Kirkpatrick completing my first order in a timely manner, but after I pointed out the oversight, they bent over backwards to make it right.

    There is a tendency in gun circles to need the ultimate solution - the do all, end all, best of, etc., whether it is a specific caliber, platform, ammo, shooting stance, or equipment. I think very few of these definites exist.

    When I carry, it is very often small of the back because that works best for me and my frame. I don't buy into the back injury concern; there's no guaranteed angle of attack in a defense situation. It could also be from the side or from behind. Everyone falls differently, twisting, turning, and contorting in different ways. How many times when pushed will you land flat on your back? Rarely. The greater number of injuries occur to outstretched/locked joints, such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, and knees, used instinctively to break the fall.

    And further, if the perp has gotten close enough for and exacts a violent push, haven't we failed on many principles of effective self-defense, awareness, and avoidance already? Is the position of our firearm the real issue there?

    Granted, you could do everything right and still find yourself unexpectedly thrown violently to the ground, but there are so many variables involved in each situation that the position of your carry gun shouldn't be dictated by one out of a million possibilities. You could just as easily be thrown to the side and have your strong arm immobilized, the gun or your elbow impact your internal organs or ribcage, and so on, making a strong side carry a poor choice in that case.

    So, find the 'most common denominator' that works best for you and adjust it as well as your equipment as a situation or activity dictates.

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    I have one for my 1911, and my S&W 329, and my Glock 33 and my Sig 229 and my S&W 640. I love 'em.

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    Thumbs up Kramer Horse Hide.....

    I like the Kramer IWB 2 and IWB 3 horse hide holsters.. I have been sticking a Govt. Mod. in the same IWB 2 for over 10 years. The mouth of the holster does not collapse and the gun does not come out if the holster is turned upside down. The belt loops are adjustable and the best I have seen. I have 5 Kramer Horse Hide holsters in black. They are a first class custom made holster.

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    I have Milt Sparks IWB holster. There's a backlog. I think it was worth it.


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