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    Default canoe racks

    For you guys running the rivers and want to hunt the back sloughs with canoes or small flat bottoms. What kind of canoe rack have you used or built for your river boat. Hard tops are obvious, but I have a Carolina Skiff with a factory fiberglass aft cabin. Any suggestions for what will work for the bracket in the front. The stern of the canoe can rest on the cabin.

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    Default my rack for 2 Mokai's

    I had a fairly heavy-duty aluminum pipe rack fabricated to carry 2 Mokai's above my North River 21'. Works extremely well, I believe it cost $1,200 (maybe $1000) back in 2005. Some of my commercial fishing buddies a lot more familiar with boating than me, warned me of adding 230 pounds so high and to avoid make any quick turns for fear of flipping. I took their advice to heart and have not had problems, plus your canoes are no doubt substantially lighter, so less so of a problem to be sure. Anyhow, here are some photos and be glad to offer advice if you like.
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    I'd imagine that it would have to be a customized setup. Im thinking of having something like that added to my boat as well once i replace the top. Had a soft top when purcahased but leaning towards a hard top this time and hopefully last time.


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