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    Default .45 Colt

    I have been window shopping for a handgun lately and see that the .45 long colts are cheaper (in general) than the 44 mag or the 480 that because of the pistol itself or because no body like the .45 colt?

    I shot some replica .45 long colts with my father in law - both black powder and smokeless...they shot very good - so I have been thinking that the .45 LC would be a good round for alaska fishing trips....

    I don't have very much pistol experience (as my post above may well reflect)...any input is appreciated.

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    45 Long Colt is what I carry. However, for it to be a practical bear defense, it should be either the Ruger Blackhawk/Redhawk or the Freedom Arms. These two have a heavier frame that will allow loads to get near or exceed 44 mag power. DO NOT try to use "magnumized" loads in the CAS type guns.

    Corbon and Buffalo Bore, among others, make hot loads for the 45. I personally load my own using 360 or 395 grain Cast Performance and H110. I also load 250 grain for general plinking and range work.

    I'm a fan of the 45 Colt

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    Default .45 long colt

    Of my many handguns my .45 Ruger (old) Vaquero is my favorite all round pistol and rig. .45 long colt just cannot be called a weak or ineffective round and is very simple to reload. The old Vaqueros also have a heavier frame and fit my hand better than the new, smaller Vaqueros.

    I am a SASS shooter and cast my own bullets and load with black powder( while my horded stash holds out) and even these are very hard hitting and "thunderous" rounds. I find that .45 has a much more controllable recoil and is easy to regain my aim as well as pointing more naturally. The popularity of the .45 in cowboy action shooting and that the guns have been around so long might be why they seem cheaper (?)

    I do not think that you can go wrong with a Ruger but another option worth picking up and feeling at a gun shop is the Schofield:

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    Read what John Linebaugh says about the .45 Colt.
    There are several good articles on that site, make sure you've read them all. He carries a S&W 25-5 with a four inch barrel?


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