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Thread: Google Earth on Garmin Rino 530?

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    Default Google Earth on Garmin Rino 530?

    I've purchased a Garmin Rino 530 HCX last fall for hunting. I didn't have much time to familiarize myself with it as I received it in the mail 1 day before I left. I like what I see so far and will no doubt become more familiar with it as I use it, but honestly I found myself jeoulous of my brother in laws Iphone with Google Earth capabilities. We were out quite a way and he could pull up satelite photo's of the area and view clearings of potential hunting spots. We were even boondocking through some seemingly never ending black spruce, just before we turned around he checked his Google earth and found a trail and a clearing just ahead. So my question is... what program will get me the closest to Google earth. I've looked at National geographic which is nice, but it lacks the "scouting" abilities of G.E. Anyone have any ideas? Does G.E. have satelite photo's of areas that can be purchased or downloaded? I'm sure a GPS with G.E. cababilities is coming shortly..... at which time I'll be trading up, but in the meantime I'd like to make the most out of my Rino. Just an idea- wouldn't it be great if the Rino mixed in G.E. and the capabilities of "SPOT"- that would be one hot ticket!

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    You can drool over the iPhone google feature as I did when my cousin showed it to me. That is I was jealouse untill we got a little bit further from the cell tower and he started leaning over my shoulder and looking at my my 60csx. The closest you can get to GE with a Garmin is Topo mapping overlays. You will need to buy the Map source software for your rhino which will give you 100,000:1 topo maps on your GPS. It is the closest you will get. Bushnell is supposed to be able to do what you are asking however I have heard that it is not very helpful for AK. Even GE does not have very good detail in most of the state.


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