How long would some say is either to long or not long enough to wait? If you call in an area and either call one in but don't get a shot off due to some other uncontrolled forces that you wish you had control over or they answer back but don't show themselves before you go back and call in that same area? Is a day long enough or a few days or a week? I know it has to due with the calling pressure, and I would say there is some but not that much where I'm at. Oh and those uncontrolled forces had nothing to do with me or him winding me or my calling just other people that were not with me. The reason I'm asking is most of my stands I've been going to haven't been producing so I was wondering if I'm calling to much in an area with i ususally give a few days before I go back to call, I know theres a limited amount of yotes up here to begin with but any input would be awsome