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Thread: A hare a wolverine and a wolf

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    This happened to me a couple of years ago. I went out and set 2 wolverine sets and when i went back to check them i found that in one of cubbies it had caught a hare. Well there wasn't much left but a few hairs. A wolverine came by and ate the hare and my bait. I reset the cubbie and set another milk crate set 50' away knowing that the wolverine would be back. There was quite bit of hare sign so i opted for the second set. A couple of weeks went by and 1 wolverine in the first set which was about 5 miles away was all i got. I was held out due to weather for almost a week and when i was able to make it in i headed to the milk crate set. There was about 12" of fresh snow and i could see that there were wolf tracks around the sets although they had quit a bit of snow in them. I dug the first set out and it was sprung and rabbit hair on the steel, bait gone. Went over to the milk crate set and it was sprung too. A couple of scraps of wolverine hide was all that was left. I through the traps in and proceded to go to the last set. I was following the wolf tracks and could tell that there were two of them. They were also headding the same direction that i was. The fresh snow was not as deep as the upper set and when i got to the set i found it tore to shreds and no trap. From what i could see it looked like one of the wolves came into the cubby and stuck his head into a 330 conibear. The trap was held to a tree with 1/8" a/c cable and had a swivel at 1/2 its length but it got bound up in a stick that the cubby was made with. I looked the rest of the day but could not find the wolf. Came back several times and even in the spring but no wolf or trap. I have caught a few fox and a couple coyotes in a conibear but never had a wolf come into one. I was bummed lost a wolverine and a wolf.

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    Default Great story

    It sucks to loose game but i bet you will never forget that season. great story. Hillbilly


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