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Thread: parker bows

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    Cool parker bows

    I was wondering what you think of Parker bows and the model Phoenix?

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    Default Love it!

    I started with the Hunter Mag and it was sweet, for a starter bow. But a few months back, I found a Phoenix 34 forsale/trade and I traded a recurve for it. It's the smoothest, most quietest bow, I have ever shot. I took it to a pro shop to have the peep lowered, once lowered, we took it to the range and shot it. The guy at the shop was highly impressed with how quiet it was, it's not the fastest, but it is quiet. No hand shock, and I love it.

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    Default I have the Phoenix also

    34" model. Maxes at 60 or so, I have it maxed out. Great shooter man. Fast bow on my last moose it was a complete pass through with carbon arrow and thunderhead 100grn. Hit the moose high on the lungs. For the money it was a great buy. The accessories kill you. But get good ones, if u don't u will later on!


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