Hi guys:

I just returned from my first real sno-go trip up the Noatak. I was up the Little Noatak River all afternoon and it was a nice trip.

Snow conditions were poor at best with omly 8-10 inch covering and the tundra was RUFFFFF! We saw lots of caribou with dozens of the critters feeding on the hills between the mountains and Kobuk Lake. I am guessing we saw between 200-300 total.

Moose were missing. The lack of snow is allowing them to travel easily and off of the rivers. I am hoping we will have some serious snow and the big boys will show themselves, as I have not filled my tag yet! I will keep you informed.

Came crossed a caribou that was killed by a pack of wolves. It is amazing to see how well they clean up a caribou. 3 years ago I was camping way up in the upper Noatak River near the Nimmi in late spring. It was a 500 mile trip over the course of 5 days. I found a moose cow that we run into some deep willow and killed buy a small pack. They opened her guts, ate her nose and did some feeding on the hind . Looked like they would return for snacks later. I would love to see a kill in process.

Take care and give me call if you need any assistance with your 09 hunting or fishing plans.

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