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Thread: Increase black bear to 3 bears in 14C

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    Default Increase black bear to 3 bears in 14C

    What is the problem you would like the Board to address?
    Increase opportunity for harvesting black bears in 14C

    What will happen if this problem is not solved?
    This is not so much a problem as it is a chance to increase hunting opportunity near Anchorage. The black bear population has been booming as evidenced by the increase in Anchorage bear encounters.

    What solution do you prefer? In other words, if the Board adopted your solution, what would the new regulation say?

    Replace the words "1 bear" with "3 bears" in all instances regarding black bear on page 70

    Solutions to difficult problems benefit some people and hurt other:

    A. Benefit Black bear hunters in the Anchorage area due to the increased opportunity near home.

    B. Reduce man bear encounters in some of our more populated areas

    C. May effect those who prefer to live in close proximity to bears by reducing bear numbers and the instances of habituation.

    D. Has the potential to reduce dept expense due to reduced nuisance bear calls

    List any other solutions you considered and why you rejected them.
    2nd choice:
    Increasing the harvest to 3 bears in all but the existing registration hunts.

    3rd choice:
    Increase the harvest to 3 bears in 14C remainder

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    I am Valley trash.


    I like it!

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    3 blacks bears should be allowed in unit 14A as well, plus, allow one brownie every year in 14B and 14A.


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