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Thread: Set up the winter camp. Rincon on tracks.

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    Default Set up the winter camp. Rincon on tracks.

    Hello all. My daughter and I set up our winter camp today. We just purchased a rear seat/storage box (pet carrier) for her to ride on. She loved it. The Rincon hauled her and I, all our gear, tools, lunch etc, and pulled the sled with the tent, stove, sand, saw, etc. Pulled it with ease. First time out this heavily loaded and it did great. Not a ton of snow but enough to make it fun. Here's some pics.

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    Thats all for now.

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    Awesome, how does that thing steer with those tracks??

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    Sure does look like fun. Nice camp.

    And yes.. how is your turning radius?

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    Turning radius is actually quite good. I can turn sharper than that sled will allow. And there is always reverse.

    As for effort, yes the effort is increased. This was the 4th trip out with them and I didn't even notice the effort. It is not bad except slow steep down hills.

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    Default tracks

    How will those tracks do in deep snow? Thinking about getting a setup like that..

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    They go incredibly well in deep snow. Slow, but well. Think "tank" like. Slow and go anywhere = fourwheeler with tracks. Speed and get there fast = sled.

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    What brand of tracks? Why did you go with those?

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    Camoplast Tatou4s. 4 seasons.

    Price. Availability. 1 of the few that are 4 season compatible. I will never give a dime to Mattracks. Simple. Bearings are easily replaced. Light. I read good reviews on

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    Default Tatou 4s

    Here's My Rhino With Them On I Love Them Any Where You Want To Go Snow Our Mud But You Want A Good Winch Because When You Get It Stuck Its Stuck I Had A 2500 Lbs Winch On Mine And Now I Have A 4500 On It But I Could Drag Moose With It Last Fall With No Problem, It Does Slow You Down A Little But Thats Better Then Being Stuck In The Mud All The Time And No Problem Going Throw The Tusicks. Skip
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