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Thread: Firearm insurance

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    Default Firearm insurance

    who else carries a specific firearms insurance policy? I have USAA and have homeowners, plus an added firearms plan for theft or damage.ThanksDoug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snug View Post
    who else carries a specific firearms insurance policy? I have USAA and have homeowners, plus an added firearms plan for theft or damage.ThanksDoug
    Check with the NRA.

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    Default State Farm

    State Farm has additional "riders" for firearms. I believe you have to have your home owners ins with them though. and if I recall correctly, it is rather spendy.............
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    +1 on checking with the NRA.

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    I happen to own an insurance agency so I think I can offer some advice. It is important to remember each state has it's own insurance department so the rules can vary from state to state but here are a few general guidelines.

    Most policies offer a stated special limit amount for firearms and accessories, generally between $2,000 to $3,000. Some companies have this limit for theft only. In the event of a fire for instance, there would be higher coverage as long as the Personal Property limit was not exceeded for the total loss. Some will stick to the special limit no matter what the loss.

    Most companies will allow you to purchase higher limits than the standard $2,000 to $3,000 on a special rider. This is generally a "blanket " coverage and is is not specific to a particular gun or guns. The figure of course can vary from between comapnies and states but some will allow up to an additional $5,000 for this coverage.

    If you need additional coverage beyond what is stated above, the guns will have to be added on what is known as an Inland Marine rider. Most companies will have you list these items by make and serial number and each gun wil be insured for a stated amount.

    Some companies will write a what is known as a stand alone Inland Marine rider. What this means is that it is not attached to a Home Owner policy, so if you do noy own a home you can insure them this way. By the way most companies offer Renters insurance which covers your personal property just like a Home Owner policy, so you do not have to own a home to get coverage for your personal property which of course can include firearms. Generall the same rules apply to a Renters Policy as a Home Owner policy so the riders I spoke of can be added to them also.

    For what it is worth, I purchase the highest additional blanket rider my carrier offers, in this case $8,000. I then invested in some good gun safes. I usually only have 2 or 3 guns with me at one time and the $8,000 will cover that or pretty close. I take my chances with the rest in the safes. Most of the time you will have the druggie or some small time punks stealing guns etc and they will not mess with a safe. The real professional thief is after bigger stuff than some guns.

    Be sure to check with your agent as to what is available.

    Anyway a few thoughts from someone in the business for 20+ years. Good luck!

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    Another vote for NRA and I know for a fact they pay off.Copy of police or fire report send it off and heres you check.

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    Default personal articles policy

    to cover my firearms, glass, and laptop, etc etc. This will cover if I break/lose it in the field or if it gets stolen or burnt in a fire.


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