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    anyone have real life exper on a rhino with tracks. Pros/cons. I have had trouble in the swamps and I think this may be the solution???

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    I bought my tracks from a gentleman in Homer. He used them one time for 40 miles on a Rhino. He was with an Argo on tracks. He sold the Rhino, I now own the tracks, and he owns an Argo. He was not impressed with the tracked Rhino for his hunting app.

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    I had tracks on a Rhino....Here are a few thoughts

    if swamps are the main use they will certainly get you through most of it much easier...I say most because if your track finds its way under the muskeg your are going to be working for a can't go forward or back because the track will just dive under...I've done it once and the experience sucked so bad I shy'd away from the really soft swamp after that....

    I run tires now, not interested in side by side tracks at all anymore...if I wanted a swamp machine I'd get an argo with tracks...the side by side simply can't compete with the argo....of course the argo hits you so hard in the wallet to trick out...

    Much more ground clearance
    Easy to install and swap back and forth with tires
    They kick butt in the mud holes
    You will make it across most swampy areas with ease
    They do pretty well in snow, i was really surprised

    Terrible ride on anything but swamp
    High maintenance
    If you get stuck, you're really
    Crossing logs in the woods is much trickier than tires
    Use more gas
    Harder on stock parts

    There are more pro's/con's, that's just what comes to mind....
    pull my finger....


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