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Thread: Winchester (USRAC) Manufacturing Plant on the Auction Block

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    Default Winchester (USRAC) Manufacturing Plant on the Auction Block
    US Repeating Arms Co. (2-Days)
    Huge Gun Manufacturing Facility

    Sale Date: September 27 & 28
    Sale Type: Onsite & Webcast Auction
    Sale Time: 09:00 AM (EST)
    Buyers Premium: 12.5% Onsite & 15.0% Webcast
    Inspections: September 26 - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

    Auction/Equipment Location:
    344 Winchester Avenue
    New Haven CT, USA

    Largest Plant Closure of a Gun Manufacturing Company Ever Offered By Auction - Featuring: (14) Okuma CNC Turning Centers, Star #SST-16B CNC Screw Machine, (2) Pro Grind CNC Grinders, (7) Haas VMC, (1) Matsuura VMC; Eldorado Mega Gun Drills, Almco Finishing System, Abar Ipsen Heat Treat System, Vidmar Hazmat Storage System, Toolroom, Inspection & Support Equipment

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    Was wondering how long it would be before we saw news like this.
    Personally would like to see Kimber grab up these assets and expand
    further into the market place.


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    Labor cost was one of the biggest factors in the decision for FNH(Herstal) to close this plant. The Labor Contract says that the production of Winchester Model 70's, Model 94's and 1300's made in this plant can not be moved to another city. The Licensing Agreement between Herstal and Olin(Winchester name owners) expires next year. Herstal is still trying to renegotiate the Licensing Agreement. If they succeed they can then move the manufacture of these firearms to another city that is less expensive to operate in. So there may still be hope that we can purchase Model 70's, 94's and 1300 in the nesr future. This is not the first time that Winchester has been kaput.

    If Ruger can pruduce a CRF rifle that the public is willing to but, why can't Winchester produce one that does not cost an arm and a leg?

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    Default Winchester?

    Just wondering. Why is Winchester still sending me product brochures showing their 2006/07 line ups? I just got one the other day. These new brochures show many variants of the 94's, 70's, & 1300's among others.


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