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Thread: Fairbanks blackpowder

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    Default Fairbanks blackpowder

    I was wondering if there are any other sparktosser's in the Fairbanks area that would be interested in getting together for some blackpowder shoots? Or perhaps someone might know of a blackpowder club in the area I could hook up with..............

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    Default smokepole club...

    Good question, J.

    I'd give Down Under a call, or maybe Arctic Gun Works and ask 'em about any clubs locally, or maybe just some fellas that are really into the powder.
    Sounds like a fun time...


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    I'm pretty sure the was one at one time, and that it even had a web site. I just checked and can't find it, so that particular club might have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Doesn't mean there wasn't a replacement or that a core group continues to meet and shoot informally.

    We've evolved our own club of shooters, but no meetings, no dues and no formal events. With a few phone calls to set it up we get together three or four times a year, tailgating for food and shooting for most of the day. No intent by any of us to get more formal because it's working too well to fix. Start our day with load testing and sighting, then offhand practice before lunch. After lunch we get into some really creative competitions (Bet I can hit that rock over on the other side of the creek!) with side bets running from nonsense to dollars.

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    Tanana Valley Sportsmans Association will probably be able to help you out, and I know that Stevan Smyth at Alaska Gun and Ammo is a blackpowder guy.
    Now what ?

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    Default Fairbanks muzzleloading

    Hoowdy from a new voice on this machine
    Alaska state muzzle loading association has two reps. in Fairbanks Steve Waggoner at 455-4001 And Dick underwood at And I am not far away in Delta Junction At I would be more then happy to answer any questions of scheduled muzzle loader shoots. If I don't have or can't get the Info you need then You'll jest have to shoot me. Hope to help ya soon.


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