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    What are the thought of a Tikka light 30-06 vs. Winchester model 70 featherweight 30-06. I am in the market for a new 30-06.

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    Default Nope

    I have a T-3 lite in 30-06 never fired a Featherweight in 06' but when you buy either one be sure and take home the LIMBSAVER that fits that rifle. It made my T-3 a much more enjoyable rifle to shoot, I'm sure the M70 will profit by the same installation.
    The T-3 only holds 3 down the mag and has a removeable mag that is replaceable with a 5 round mag.
    My SS and black synthetic rifle is a joy to haul around versus my old mauser, too. Mine falls well in the under an inch group of factory rifles; with factory ammo, better with reloads. I don't like the factory Tikka rings but that isn't really that big a problem, there are plenty of quality replacements.
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    Dont own either one, but have a couple of friends who own a Tikka and they are tack drivers. They are happy with their rifles.

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    Smile the choice...

    If accuracy on paper at a 100 yards is the #1 criteria then it sounds as though the Tika may be the choice. If good hunting accuracy, the worlds best hunting trigger and a tough rifle that will last forever is the #1 criteria then I would pick an older Mod. 70 controlled round feed.


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