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Thread: See Thru Scope Rings For A CZ 550 Safari 375 H&H

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    Default See Thru Scope Rings For A CZ 550 Safari 375 H&H

    Can sombody please tell me if they sell See Thru Scope Rings Mounts for a CZ 550 Safari 375 H&H? I would like to be able to use a scope when needed & to use the open sights if I want to or should I say If I had to if for example a Grizz came charging at me in the Bush & I only had seconds to react! Thanks for any info.I did go to KWIK SITE web site & they have tons of see thru mounts but only had order numbers next to the item-it didn't say what they went to? I e-mailed them-but have not heard from them yet? Thanks-Tim.

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    Pick one or the other - scope or open sights. Don't mount your scope WAY up high like the see-through mounts do. You'll have zero cheek weld while using the scope, and won't be able to shoot well with either.

    Best of both worlds would be a quick-detach ring design that keeps your scope mounted low where it belongs, but can be removed easily. If you want to do this on the cheap, conventional Weaver rings will work. they can be removed and reattached very quickly with a small screwdriver or multi-tool. When you re-attach the scope, it will still be sighted in well enough to kill stuff at 200 yards or more. For more money, leupold and warne make removable scope rings that can be worked with your fingers.

    Scope-wise, what's your plan? If you are mounting anything with more magnification than, say, a 2x7 leupold, then I'd argue you're using way too much scope, for the size of game your rifle is meant to hunt. Swallow your pride and get a smaller scope. A fixed 2.5x or 4x leupold, or a variable 1.5x5 leupold comes to mind. Any of these will work for elk/moose/bear (or deer and sheep for that matter) out as far as you need to shoot. And, being low in power, they have good field of view and will give you a hope in hell of sighting down on something that's close by and charging!

    A 1.5x5 VXIII leupold would go with your rifle like peas and carrots.

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    I agree the see thru mounts are not a good answer. Weaver used to make pivot mounts that were pretty good but I don't think they do anymore. The quick release would be better and just put the scope on when you find game to shoot. Also if you are useing something like a 2x7 scope you can just leave it on two while walking and with pratice at close range its about as good as open sights and for some maybe better.


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