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Thread: Fox Board Width

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    Default Fox Board Width

    I am getting ready to make a couple fox stretchers and need to determine the width. NAFA says between 6.5 and 7 inches and FHA says 5.5 inches. The fox I have skinned so far seem bigger than that. I don't want to use adjustable boards if I don't have to but am willing if that's what people recommend. Any ideas on width?

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    My boards are 7.5 inches at the hip. That is what is recommended for AK fox. I use both adjustable and solid boards. The adjustable are nice because you can put females and big males on the same board.

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    I make my boards to NAFA specs, since thats where I ship my fur. I have made a fox board 7" and split it down the middle and made a spreader board, since our fox seem to have wide hips. Do you have a Wild Fur Pelt Handling Manual from NAFA?


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