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Thread: Which 10 days of season for a moose hunt?

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    Default Which 10 days of season for a moose hunt?

    Which 10 days of moose season seems to be better? Looking at a 10 day fly-in drop hunt. I realize alot of variables are to be considered, but most people seem to have their favorite time to go.


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    Some of the seasons only last 10 days so they would be obvious. Later in the season is closer to the rut so the bulls tend to move more and respond better to calling. Bugs are usually not as bad. Usually colder making meat care easier. Weather can be more of a transportation problem depending on the year.

    First part of the season the moose haven't seen as much hunting pressure. Temperatures are usually warmer which gives you bugs and more diligence is needed with meat care. Weather can still make travel a problem but the chances are less likely.

    Having said all that I tend to hunt early - The weather scares me more than the bugs.

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    Default timing

    It all depends on what the weather is, if its a colder fall, they go into the rut a little earlier. I noticed that this year for sure.

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    Default You think I'd learn

    I would have to vote for the last 10 days of the season. The past couple of years I was out there for the open of the season and we always saw more and bigger animals the last few days of the hunt... making me wish we had gone out later.. My partner nearly called a cow with two bulls following her in right on top of us the last day out this year... you think I'd learn and not keep repeating my mistakes...


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    If the area receives pressure, like a common drop point or local hunting haunt, then the opening days of the season are best. If you are certain there has been no recent activity in the area, the later the better. And the only reason for later to be better is cooler temps and it just feels more like hunting weather. Nothing worse than getting dropped off in an area littered with gut piles and all you can do is wait around for the plane to come back to pick you up.

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    Default later

    I guess it depends on your goals. If you're looking for a meat bull, possibly still in velvet, I'd go early so they're not pressured. I prefer to go later so that the bulls are starting to rut. Many seasons end the 20th, some the 15th, if so I'd go the 10th -20th. If you get a season that is later than that I'd go a little later. Even if you're in a place that others have been, your odds are much better seeing or calling in a bull once they start rutting. Some may hide good during the early season, but get a little stupid once they start thinking about fat chicks, oops, I mean cows.

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    Default go late....

    If you are flying into a good area that has a good population of big bulls then September 15th to September 30th is a great time to hunt moose in Alaska. The problem is finding the area that fits that discription. If you are chasing meat then get a bow and hunt starting August 10th for the "suburban" spike/forks that hang around the towns.


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