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    Does anyone have experience with Peter Storm rain gear? I have heard many times that it was the best stuff out there--stretchy and quiet---but is it tough? Wonder how it would fair in devil's club? From what I know, there are two types: the nylon stuff and the stretchy stuff (called no sweat). I tried unsuccessfully for years to get it, and I heard that it is available again. I am aware that Helly Hanson copied Peter Storm but have also heard that the H.H. is not as good. If you have ever owned/worn Peter Storm, I would love to hear your opinion.

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    I have had a stretchy peter storm for 13 years. It has outlasted quite a few helly hensens. The helly hensens seemed to rot around the cuffs. I thought helly hensen bought peter storm. I did rip a hole in mine on a nail so devils club may be an issue.

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    devils club will put holes in most rain gear, unless you have really heavy stuff, that is heavy and won't breath at all, and not something you'd be taking on a mountain hunt. having duct tape on you helps as you can tape any hole that you get in the field, on the inside and outside. i'm a fan of the lightest rain gear possible and dressing in layers. a very heavy jacket might be needed when it isn't that cold outside and you'll sweat a hole lot more. some folks believe in materials that are near not-breathable for the best rain protection, that just makes you wet inside from sweat. something that is "semi-breathable" and has pit zips will be best. eVent fabric is one of the most breathable materials, much better then gortex.

    i have never heard of peter storm wear, i just went to the website and there are drawings of their products, no pictures. from a marketing standpoint in the age of the internet, i don't know how they think they can get away with 'old school' catalog drawings of products instead of real pictures. they must be good jackets that word of mouth sells them.


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