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    Default It has arrived!

    My new Rhino was finally delivered last night. Big Lake Yamaha was kind enough to bring it all the way to my house in Chugiak as it was supposed to be ready on Monday but it wasn't.

    Heather was great to deal with on the phone.

    For those are interested here is what the price was:

    2009 Rhino 700, Blue $10,000
    Warn 3000 winch, yamaha 66" plow system and mount $1,390.00
    Total cost $11,390

    I will post some pictures later on, only had time to drive it around the yard a little last night, can't wait to take it out for real.


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    I have never really been interested in any of these new fangled 4x4 sport utility vehicles. You can call it old wife calls it thick headed. Either way I just always got by with out one. However the aging process has taken over and I can no longer drag a whitetail deer as far as I once could.

    A week ago I shot a huge Iowa whitetail doe with my bow. As luck would have it she headed for the most undesireable 40 acre patch in the entire state and she croaked right smack dab in the middle of it.

    One of my best friends is the sales manager at Southards Yamaha dealership here in town. I gave him a call and told him of my situation. I explained that we could probably get within a quarter mile of the deer and then would have to drag it from there. Boy was I wrong. This young lad saw it as a challenge and answered that challenge in a fashion that impressed the heck out of this old fart.

    He showed up with a Rhino that he used as a demonstrator model. He said get in hang on and point the way to the deer. Absolutely unbelievable, we crossed ditches (one with the aid of the wench) drove over logs, sapplings... you name it and drove right up to the dead deer. There is no way on earth that I would have thought that was possible. I might add that this young lad has also represented Yamaha quite well while piloting their 4 wheelers in national off road events. So him being behind the wheel had some to do with it.

    I went to the dealership just today and had to have a look at all of the new 09 4 wheelers that he has in stock. I went there with the idea that I was never again going to spend a half a day dragging out a deer. My first choice was a Rhino but it just won't fit in the back of my pickup so I settled for new 550 camo Grizzly with a winch, big wheels and tires and even got a snow blade and trailor for it.

    All of that "I shoulda been born a hundred years ago" stuff kinda goes out the window when one starts comparing pack mules to these new 4 wheelers.

    Enjoy your new toy!

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    congratulations on the rhino..... My rzr is in the garage for awhile but It will truly get to work the summer out hunting... I went with the 50" and the tight turning radius .... I'd love to see how the rhino really works in the brush ...

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    congrats on your new toy, I am planning on getting a new one soon

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    Pix please :-)

    Am very tempted.

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    Congrats, those Rhino's look pretty awesome. I am trying to talk my dad into buying one for down at his cabin. I already have a 700 king quad so don't really need another but would love to drive one around from time to time.
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    Sadly enough no pictures yet, however I have gotten to use the plow a couple of times. I was a little concerned about how happy I would be as I am used to a full sized plow truck. However I must say that I am very pleased with how well it has been working. Although we haven't gotten a huge snowfall in Chugiak yet, the couple of inches we have had was easily taken care of. What used to be at least an hour of shoveling is now a less than 15 minute job. Plus my 2 year daughter loves to ride with me while I plow the driveway.

    I picked up chains today as a friend and I plan to make a run up to his cabin in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it goes well, most of the run is on the frozen river so it just depends on how much snow there is between now and then.


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    I run a 72" plow w/ elec lift on my 08 ranger, love it. I bomb through the snow no prob.
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