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Thread: Ruger Hawkeye rifles, CLASSICS in the making?

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    Default Ruger Hawkeye rifles, CLASSICS in the making?

    It seems to me that Ruger has something very special in the HE lineup. With it's new adjustable trigger, better designed stock & the vast array of superb calibers on offer. How does one go wrong for the money$$$?
    Tell me something. Is this Ruger HE CRF system as tough as it looks. Or does it still play second fiddle(if it ever did) to the older(NH) Model 70?
    From what I can see, & the various M70's I've owned. I'm starting to think I have been a little ignorant ignoring the M77.
    I feel these new Hawkeye rifles will become CLASSICS over time, & maybe even what the newer generation of CRF rifles are judged. Hmmmmm?

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    Not sure about the adjustable trigger. New one looks very much like the old one, just tuned better from the factory. I agree on the value and caliber selection. Not too many other choices in the Bob, 358, 264. I bought one in the Bob and like it very much. I really like the new floorplate over the old aluminum one. As far as the action, its as CRF as CRF can get. Claw extractor and fixed ejector. I owned a Mark II in 30-06 and killed many critters with it. My only complaint is the recoil lug, never liked the ruger system, but guess it gets the job done. Ruger makes a good dependable rifle.

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    Oops. I've just learned that the new HE trigger is non-adjustable, which does not bother me none. As the LC6 trigger does seem to be allot smoother & crisp from reports.

    The ALL STEEL floorplate is another great addition, & the stock design does shoulder better for me.

    Lets hear it lads. How does this new Ruger Hawkeye fit in as a serious CRF platform?

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    Default Not serious

    The new Rugers are functional but kinda cheapism with all the obvious casting and rough action. The cast receiver just doesn't compare with broached lug ways and the safety is a poor take off of the classic model 70.

    I've got several of the early model 77s, the new ones are just plain sorry in workmanship and overall appearance. If they had made the same design 30 or 40 years ago it may have been a classic but not anymore.
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    Default from a smiths pov

    i know everyone will him&haw & thats just fine but i think that aside from the recoil lug being a bear to properly inlet in a custom wood stock blank the ruger is way better for the $$$. Now being something of a rifle snob i have no use for any m70 built post early 50's, from then to 64 the stocks were horrible both in lines and the fancy hand cut checkering,(complete with overruns and huge borderlines) and the machining went downhill(worn tooling,shortcuts),lets not even go to the Classics.In my experience the non adjustable ruger trigger is pretty well bombproof, and keeps the brotherinlaws and buddy's dads from adjusting them till there not safe or dont evn work,and the old m70 trigger's nuts and screw just scream tinker with me. I've also seen that older m70 safeties get burrs on them and tend to bind more often, i guess the 77 safeties are harder or something.In the end no I dont think that the m77 will ever be held in thr same light as (The Riflemans Rifle) but definetly think the are a better value.
    just my 2cents

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    Tvfinak, in my (limited) experience the Hawkeyes aren't even functional! There's an empty spot in my safe where a Hawkeye Alaskan that didn't work and had to be sent back should be sitting. I agree with you about the cast receiver, though. I'm definitely not a fan. Ruger needs to step up their quality (and customer service). I was very disappointed in both.


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