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Thread: AK Premier Sportfishing - Rest of the story

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    Default AK Premier Sportfishing - Rest of the story

    Just so noone is left with the wrong impression, I want to report that I did finally get in touch with Travis - he had a good reason for being out of contact. We managed to scramble and get out on our deer hunt - minus one day due to wife's scheduling problems. Travis was very flexible working with us on that respect.

    Travis and his crew were excellent as transporters, and generally awesome folks. The entire party of other hunters were great too. Weather was awesome, but due to lack of snow, deer were still mostly high. We managed a couple does - bloodied my wife's and my new guns - with noone hurt. Were hoping for more venison, but this will do nicely. Other hunters had similar success with does/bucks, including one 4x5 dandy.

    Wanted to tie this up and let everyone know we had a good experience with Travis Larson and the crew at Alaska Premier Sportfishing.


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    good deal, glad to hear it!
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