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Thread: Outboard Jet Foot Intake Grate Alternative Design

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    Default Outboard Jet Foot Intake Grate Alternative Design

    Anyone ever seen an alternative foot and/or grate design that has openings of some sort other than the standard San Leandro OBJ slot grates that have the wonderful property of passing rocks that are too large to be blown past the exhaust tube near the discharge outlet that then have to be poked back inside and the impeller pulled to get them out?

    Another thought would be to carry one of those automotive doo-hickeys with the claw on one end to reach inside through the discharge outlet and grab the rocks and drop them back down through the impeller so I can then dump them with the stomp grate that I have on my outboard jet foot. Anybody try this?

    I just find it amazing that after all these years on the market there is not a stock outboard jet lower unit arrangement that will pass anything it pumps, and can easilly dump what it can not pump without taking things apart.
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    I have had the same thing happen to me, my bars are bent so the spacing is not uniform anymore. I think when the bars were new (straight) it would pass thru whatever it sucked up thru the bars..???
    Doesnt your stomp grate have another set of bars that makes the opening (s) even smaller?

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    Default stomp grate bar spacing

    Nope, bar spacing is the same as the stomp grate bars (every other bar) rest in the same slots as the original bars. Rocks can go in past the impeller and then get jammed between the exhaust tube and the pump discharge outlet wall.............very frustrating, and seemingly unnecessary if the grates were designed properly (square openings instead of long slots?)

    I would love to develop and patent an outboard jet foot that uses a gear drive connection to have the impeller oriented horizontally (like an inboard) for better efficiency, and has a grate designed that will result in anything that is pumped being able to be passed all the way through and also has a dump grate to remove stuff that can't be pumped...........

    How about the suggested hand grab claw for picking rocks up and dropping them back through the impeller after you poke them loose from the around the exhaust tube? Have you tried that? Without the claw, when you tilt the engine to get it out of the water so you can see, the poked rocks don't fall back down through the impeller, they just roll around the volute without coming out unless you remove the impeller to get them....

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    Karolds Welding in Fairbanks makes stomp grates for outboard jets. They are pretty slick if you ask me. I plan on getting one before winter is over, so I will be ready when the ice moves out.

    One tool that I found out that works GREAT from either end (exhaust or Foot) is a pair of Stork Pliers. You can grab anything if it gets stuck in there. I have had a tree root sucked into my foot and wrapped around the impeller, if it wasn't for the stork pliers I would have had to take the foot off on the river bank.

    Like these: (Except any brand)
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    Default Karolds Stomp Grates

    Yes, I have the Karold's grate on my 150

    the trouble with grabbing rocks stuck around the exhaust tube is that some of them are TOO BIG to pull out the discharge no matter how you spin them around, thus the need to drop them back through the impeller as described in previous post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by titobandito View Post
    .............very frustrating, and seemingly unnecessary if the grates were designed properly (square openings instead of long slots?)
    The grates have to be long because if you had perpendicular grates, they would introduce air when the water passes over them.

    Another thing, don't EVER sharpen the bottom edges of the grates. They need to be squared off so rocks can actually get through instead of getting stuck due to the taper of a sharpened edge.

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