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Thread: HI all, new to board

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    Cool HI all, new to board

    Hi My name is Matthew C

    I am from down in Oregon but I am fortunate enough to make it to Alaska every few years. I did make it this year and it was a great trip but I think my next trip back now will be 2010. This year we fished down the Peninsula fly fishing for dollys and rainbows. We then fished for pinks and silvers for a few days on the big river and a good hammering was had by all. I shoot fishing videos and still photography down here in Oregon that we show for free to the public in an attemp to help educate and keep people interested in fishing.

    I was looking at the 2008 photo thread at all the killer Alaska photos from this year, man that makes you drool.....I would really like to join in the fun and put a few photos up myself from our filming ventures in AK this year.

    I was directed to this board by Ty Wyatt, a friend from other web locals, a regular here I see : P Looks like a great place to keep the drool going all winter long, and for me, the next year and a half. The good side is I have a years worth of video to sort out!

    If anyone would like to check out some of our videos they can be seen here.

    I will be posting lots of AK stuff over the winter and will be a regular visitor to this site : )

    Thanks all : )

    Matthew Clark

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    Hello and welcome.

    Thanks for sharing in advance.

    Never can have too many fishing pics.
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    Welcome from a fellow Oregonian. This is the place to keep up your Alaska fix. I've traveled to Alaska every year since 1984 and the information flow has changed significantly since I started my visits. This forum is a great sorce of entertainment and information. Enjoy yourself.

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    Welcome from an old boy from the 'Land of Cheese, Trees and Ocean Breeze'.

    I grew up in Tillamook county but migrated to this great land in 1972 and never have regretted the move.

    Enjoy this site.


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    Default Welcome

    Matt. As Drifter said welcome to the madness. You will meet many people on here and have a blast. One of the best parts is getting to fish with them> I had the pleasure of Meeting Drifter (aka Dave) this year and fished with him a couple of days chasing bows and dollies on the kenai. Shared some laughs and some cold ones around the fire too. Have fun and keep us posted
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    Default Yep yep Welcome

    Thanks for Sharing OBTW nice fish as well.

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    I see some very recognizable grand standers here from around the fishing board world. They were not kidding when they said the internet would connect us all back in the 80's...There are at least 12 northwest fishing related forums currently operating online. I can only keep up with 4 of them but this will certainly be one of the 4 : P

    Thanks for the welcom, I will continue to drool on your forum now ty...

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    Hello and welcome aboard.
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