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Thread: hood mounts for AR

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    Default hood mounts for AR

    like several others I picked up an AR this summer for the wolves. I trap in an area we can position the snow machine to take selected wolves. I have always used a piece of 3inch ABS mounted to the hood for quick access to my rifle. I am currently looking for an idea to mount the AR on my hood am looking for suggestions or ideas the ABS is to narrow I am open to whatever you guys can help me come up with. if they made a leather scabbard large enough to accommadate the front sight it would be easy to do I have yet to find one that will allow me to insert the rifle into it far enough to be comfy with it ridding there. The hood mount is incredibly fast for acess to a gun and ridding with it on the back on a sling gives all kinds of snow problems with actions and optics ect.
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    I will keep bragging about my eberlestock X1 pack for carrying on a sled. You would have to test fit your AR but it will probably fit depending on which magazine you use and how large a scope you have on it.


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