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    so this is my first time exclusively targeting mink. i have trapped for several years now and i am somewhat stumped. i have several streams that have a lot of mink nearby and i have put out 110 boxs and snares. over the first couple of days i caught 3 mink but then the weather got cold and all the streams are really freezing up fast and i have not had any success or even saw tracks. what should i do? will Mink hang around the unfrozen falls or will they seek out other areas? should i keep my current sets working in hopes that they will pass through the iced up areas.? any advice would be helpful.

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    once the water gets hard the mink will spend alot of time running the edges under the ice open beaver spillways are good places to look for sets as are old beaver houses. A lot of the time they will have holes in the tops or sides of these old beaver houses a 110 guarding the hole will do the job. Baited sets around open water baited with fish or other bait and a good mink lure will catch but it becomes much more of a waiting game once the open water is gone. A lot of the mink in my country will move out of the small streams during freeze up then move back up into them once the ice has set well. In addition other holes that they use to gain access to get under the ice can be set with a coni. I get alot of them at holes otter use in 220s but I miss some due to the size of the trap. missing mink is not a bother to me catching them prior to the otter coming thru and having a trap full of a mink instead of otter is very irritating to me
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    On smaller creeks once the top freezes and the water flow lessens, the water level drops. Now there is open ground along the edge of the running water under the ice. The ice is kind of suspended in air and the mink will run that bank under the ice. Popping a new entrance in the area where they were and setting along those open bank runs under the ice will work as will setting at the new opening. I think I just said the same thing Otterman said without the beaver hut tips.

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    the streams i trap are small and rocky originating from mountain tops. so even if they are frozen solid will the mink still travel his usual routes on the streams then? there are no beaver anywhere near me but i have found holes in the ice where mink have came out of but they are frozen solid now. also will otter do the same and utilize these streams like they did before even though they are now frozen?


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