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Thread: Beaver Creek Float - and Take Out

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    Default Beaver Creek Float - and Take Out

    Looking to float Beaver Creek next year. I thought this might be a good river for first float hunt (maybe for a blackie)...or just a scenary trip.

    What can you guys tell me about the take out? I know there is a landing strip (Victoria Creek). I know Wright will fly Helios in there. Just wondering if I can have a family member fly me out instead. So if anyone can give me some info. on the strip I would appreciate it (condition of strip, length, etc.) so I can see if I don't have to pay an outfit to pull me out...

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    Default Save your money/time

    If it were me I would save your time and float another area. I have done this one three times and it is a people infested zoo and not enough animals to bother with. I am sure that there are moose in the area but they get pushed way off of the river. The last time we hit the take out I would have swore that we just arrived and 3rd largest city in Alaska. Out of all of those groups I think I recall two with moose. I would head for either the N. fork or E. fork of the Chena (can't remember which). Get dropped at Van Curlors and float back.

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    Like the guy said, lots of people few Moose. There are gravel bars all along the river that Wright can land on. We had seen them picking people up at several gravel bars along the river. We were 2/3s of the way to Victoria Creek, when we got a Moose. We saw Wright going over real low and knew they had just taken off. We called them on the Sat Phone. They were picking up some folks about a mile down stream from us so we went there and they took us out as well. Those gravel bars change every year, so you need to talk to them to find out where they can pick you up at and mark those places in your GPS or on your map.

    Recommend going some place else for Moose. We won't go back, too many people, not enough Moose, and all the bears are high not along the creek. Problem Beavers everywhere. Had one fall a sapling on one of our tents at night. Also had one run right through camp one afternoon.
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