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    I spent 2 straight weeks bow hunting on Eielson and Fort Wainwright with no luck. I would have taken more time off to hunt, but for those military and retired military, you know what its like when your shop won't let you take leave. About a week ago I saw a nice 30" bull (nice by my standards) but he was 40 yards in a field next to our firing range on base. Yeah, it's off limits to hunting. He laid down about 100 yards off the road and gave me the hoof. Anyway,
    I was hoping some of the experienced fairbanksans or Alaskans who know the area up here, might be able to point an Airman in the right direction to continue his moose endeavor.
    I got a grizz tag in hopes of seeing one on Wainwright like I did last year, but no luck so far. I leave Alaska next year for Europe and would like to take a part of Alaska with me besides frost bit toes. If anyone has some advice for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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    100% effort 0 results been there many times that's Alaska hunting.38yrs up here has proven to me that there is no special tag that assures a freezer full o meat. I do wish you the best of luck though..

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    Thumbs up Fairbanks management area

    I think I might try this hunt out tomorrow. Anyone have suggestions on where to go. I was told to float chena. I know a lot of the fairbanks management area is on private land. I don't want to hunt on anyones land before I check with them. If someone doesn't mind recommending some places for me, I'll invite them out here to Eielson for a moose barbecue after I get my moose!

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    had a nice bull 30 yards to far last nite. Didn't hunt today, had to work on the truck. He was with a cow and completely oblivious to my being. That is, till the wind switched.

    Be patient, glass where you can, use some SUTLE calling. Light brush raking seems to be the most productive.

    Lastly be realistic. This is not a high % hunt. The hunt was set up to reduce the population of moose around town. In years past you had an EXCELLENT shot at killing a bull. It appears things have changed in the last couple of years (they've been successful in doing what they intended this hunt to do) and even finding bull has been tough. The one nite I did sit out on one of my glassing spots I did find a bull. I was told about another bull on some public land here two mornings ago though I didn't bother. By the time I would have arrived he would be long gone as others hunt this area. For that matter drawing a cow tag in the FMA was a gimmy, now finding a lone cow is just as tough if not harder then finding a bull.

    The chena float is fun, just remember most of the unit closes the 15th I believe! Something you might consider before you go somewhere.

    Enjoy the hunt and the time you have, if you're the next in line you'll be given your chance. But don't overlook the small things or you'll end up dissappointed! Have fun and good luck and I'll probably see ya on FWA

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    Transmitter road and the Husky Drop Zone--first light and eves
    South side of Pile Driver Slough-wear knee highs if you have them-pick a shallow riffle and wade across.

    Now's about the time to cow whine agressively

    good luck


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