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Thread: Kenai silvers/rainbows report/info?

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    Default Kenai silvers/rainbows report/info?

    I'm heading up to the Kenai on Sunday for a Monday - Friday silver salmon and rainbow fishing trip. Does anyone have any info they'd care to share....good locations, tips, etc.? I'll be limited to fishing from the bank/wading and using a fly rod.
    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Default Silvers on the Kenai

    The second run silvers finally showed in the lower... the pinks are out of the lower... fishing is good. Try Centennail, Visitor Center and Swiftwater in Soldotna. Pinks have moved into the Middle, so the bite is slow above Bings. If you would like to fish the middle, try Bings, or Morgans.

    Good luck,

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    Red face From a guide. . .

    Talked to a Kenai River guide yesterday afternoon, and he said that while the river is jam-packed with rainbow, it's poor fishing because the fish are so full of sockeye and pink eggs. Said he was standing on a gravel bar and could have easily filled a five-gallon bucket with eggs drifting by.

    He also said silver fishing is good in the lower river.

    For what it's worth. . . I'm no guide. . .


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