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Thread: Trade a Hunt - AK Moose for Colorado Elk

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    Default Trade a Hunt - AK Moose for Colorado Elk

    New to the site.

    I am interested in harvesting a moose before I turn 50 (5 yrs) and with the cost of some outfitters, don't know if I can go that route. We have lots of moose here in Colorado (shiras), but I cant draw a tag even after 12+ years of applying.

    I can offer a great elk hunting opportunity. I archery hunt elk, but have rifle hunted them in the past too. I do most of my hunting in North Park Colorado (Walden, CO area). I have hunted the area for 20 years and have done well. There are some good mule deer in the area too, but elk are game of choice for me!

    I would like to rifle hunt a moose during the rut. Actually, a buddy of mine and are looking to hunt together if possible. We would then return the elk hunt trade for two people on your side.

    There is no money to be transfered - just trading hunts and hopefully good times between people who love the outdoors.

    I am not looking for a "record moose" - A 40+ inch would be awesome as that would be the size I would hunt here in Colorado.
    I also realize hunts like these require alot of planning, that is why I am starting now.

    I have a nice elk camp and have good gear. I am not an outfitter, but many guys say I should be.

    Please look thru some photos of some of my recent archery hunts (below), and if interested, please reply with info or questions.

    No Outfitters Please



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    You can do it on your own with out trading, just takes research. Also in most, but not all, areas in Alaska a 40 inch moose is too small to legally take. You caqn aslo contact a hunt planner like Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures. www/

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    I'm no lawyer, but this sounds a little sketchy. In Alaska you aren't allowed to be "compensated" for services unless you are a guide, outfitter, or transporter. This trade might be considered compensation.

    Also, as Bill says, you can do this on your own. Check out this site, and the state hunting regulations.

    There are some hunt planning services on this site that will get you started. Some of these guys will help you out (a little) for free. In depth services will cost you some money, but will provide you with more information.

    Good luck.

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    not necassaraly... now a guy fly's his self up here gets all his own tags and supplies. hooks up with a buddy he met on line.. to go some place he has NO idea whats what.....

    next year his buddy gets to go to Co. and visit someplace he never would have known to go.. it is not about compensation it is about opening up an opportunity you would not have had otherwise....

    if i could afford tthe time away from the family and the trip out side for elk next year I would LOVE to take him up on his offer.. It is called hunting guys.. not shooting i see nothing in the post that says he can promise an elk or is asking anyone to promise him a moose. just the chance for two guys to share country and time. in two states...I already spend 16+ weeks a year hunting or I would be all over it.

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    Default Drop me a line


    Welcome to Outdoors Directory. Drop me a line; I'd be happy to assist or at least to provide some affordable options for you.

    Alaska law prohibits anyone from receiving compensation of any kind when it comes to providing a hunt. I know you want to do a swap, but I would advise checking with ADFG to verify whether a swap constitutes "compensation". I believe it does.

    That said, there are lots of ways to do this without breaking the bank.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Colorado is much like Alaska in the fact that you must be a registered outfitter to accept any compensation for exchange in services.

    I know this for a fact as a few years ago I packed a few elk out of the woods for some guys and they in turn gave me some cash. I did not do it as a business venture, I just did it for fun and to have my horses have more experience around dead elk and hauling meat. But the fellow hunters gave me the cash and the Forest Service got wind of it and we had a "discussion".
    So, I just help people out for free now.

    Just for fun, I will contact the ADFG and see what they have to say.
    But dealing with any State entity, the answered are sometimes vague and mostly to their favor.
    If anyone would like to do their own checking on this, you are most welcome to let me know.
    Obviously there is some interest in my post as a few hundred people have looked at it within the past <24hrs

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    Make sure to get some names and good phone numbers when taking with F&G and use them as future points of contact.


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