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    Default Cool Bear trail

    Was hunting out of Afognak and was by a lake and a pond where their was some salmon, just thought this was neat pic. Looks like the bear had used this trail for quite a few years. Never saw one. But was around.
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    Default old homestead

    Where my old homestead was, there was a bear trail about 25-30 yards behind the cabin at the bottom of a 8 or ten foot drop off. It looked just like your photo, deep individual prints. Around the 3rd year I was there, I put up a tree stand about fifteen feet up a tree and 25-30 feet above the trail. I only saw one bear during the times I sat watching for game, but saw maybe a half dozen moose. The bear was a blackie and too small for what had made the trails, but it used it nonetheless.

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    Neat pics....thanks for sharing.

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    Default Nice!

    You hear of these kinds of trails, but they're not found everywhere. On a related note, have you noticed that when humans move through certain areas, they tend to take the same pathway, even though they did not see someone else go through that place? I think the land lays in such a manner that we intuitively follow the same path without thinking about why. I believe animals do the same thing.

    Interesting stuff...

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    Default Indeed

    Something to think about for sure. Now plug in predominant wind direction and visablility and you've got a few more variables to consider when looking at said route/trail.

    Its hard to out smart a predator of that caliber expecially on his terms. many guys go out and successfully still hunt or stand hunt up a Brown bear? The way I see it mostly it's a spot and stalk. Or working over a salmon stream or food source.

    Good photo.....I too have taken photos very similar to that because I find those trails very cool to ponder. How many generations of bears roamed that wild place? And you've had the privlage to stand there. Thats something many modern humans may never appreciate.

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    Very Cool. thanks for sharing that. the hair on my neck stands up each time i meet a new bear trial...
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