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Thread: how to change over my ccw to alaska ccw

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    Default how to change over my ccw to alaska ccw

    i have a ccw for the following states- texas and az and fl for when i working and traveling in my other job .i would like the baisc info on change my texas ccw to alaska one if they allow you to carry in towns ...
    and how long does it takes to change the over to the alaska one
    any info would help or is there a website that i can go to to get the info as need

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    Default ccw

    To the best of my knowledge you have to go to the course. I have writen them a couple times on this asking the same question with know avail. I also can teach the course and they don't respond to that as well in reguards having to take the course.

    Next; AK is an open or concealed carry state so you do not need to have one(CCW) Your FL CCW will carry you in some 30 states as i recall but how ever, it does not carry you if you are working as a EP agent in other states.
    The web site is
    It pretty much will answer any question that you have. Hope this gets you closer on your search. if you have further PM me and i will help from there. T

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    I was under the impression that Alaska has a letter of reciprocity with Arizona regarding CCW. There should be no problem. I am not an expert though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windypoint View Post
    I was under the impression that Alaska has a letter of reciprocity with Arizona regarding CCW. There should be no problem. I am not an expert though.
    Check these links: Handgun Law and US Reciprocity (pdf file)

    I didn't keep track of whatever happened to, but the web site seems to fill the bill for what I need. I'm on the way to getting my Alaska CCW, used to have an Oregon CCW (now expired), and still carry a Utah CCW. Why? Reciprocity rules... and also the education about where, how, what's legal/illegal, etcetera in your home state. It's not a bad idea to take the class rather than try to 'transfer' a CCW permit form one jurisdiction to another. Spend the $125 and go for it ($100 class, $25 finger printing)


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    i used to travel a lot in my work for state to state for the sometimes it was just a lot qiucker to go and get that state ccw set up...
    at one time i had 8.diff states ccw premits for the states that i worked in..
    and kept -5-diff id cards for the diff states so to have local id when i need to get a somethings like go into a nightclub or buying brooze at the supermarket ..
    did get ask one time about a drivers lics after finding a drivers lics that i thought i had lost when i was unpacking for my move to the next place of work..
    i got stoped one night comeing home from work and the officers ask to see my driver lics and i pull out both cards at the same time ..he was cool about it and saw the old one had go past the date on it and he said to keep that one at home ..we got to talking about the job and i told him i worked for the indian tribes as a casino gameing officer doing background and police typle fraud and other typles of criminal typle investigations for the tribeal gameing to keep out the local and others typle that try to scam tribes and the poeple that comeing to play at the local casino..
    now i working for a small town police dept in the upper part of panhandle of tx..but i had to take a leave of absence to go back to court case that has me tried up in knots for the lenght of time that we have been dealing with the case..


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