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    Default Rock hopper

    Does anyone use one on their outboard? If so what size motor, where and with what results?
    I'm considering putting one on my motor, just want to know if it's worth the trouble and cost.
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    a Mac's River Runner; similar to the Rock Hopper but not as bulky. Saved my bacon at least a few times running on the Kenai, especially since we don't have power trim & tilt on our 4 stroke 25 Yamaha. They do add some drag, but well worth the sacrifice in top end!
    Probably won't notice too much difference if you're running a bigger (50) motor.
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    I've got a Mac's River Runner on a small 5hp kicker in Southeast that works (was actually installed after I broke my skeg). I've been on the Kenai with a guide who had a Rock Hopper on it and it was a skookum item for sure.

    Bear in mind that either of these will work great for moving forward but when back trolling/drifting your outboard won't kick up when you hit something they will pivot the boat around.


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