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Thread: Stock, "wood workers" any here?

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    Default Stock, "wood workers" any here?

    I can't find a aftermarket stock for this .220 swift . So here is my second plan. I want to take the gun apart and have the stock worked over and refinished. This will include A LOT of sanding work. The fore grip is very wide and I want that brought down to the size of a regular hunting rifle. Then for winter camo I will just wrap it in snow camo "shred" material and all should be happy. Beautiful stock that fits me and winter camo when needed.

    So, who can steer me in the right direction? Should I temp it myself? Not much of a wood worker, I'm a welder. Or who can you recommend to get this done?

    It also has been glass bedded, after all this work would it need to be "re bedded"?

    The wife already hates this gun, lol, been none stop .220 action for 2 days, he he. Would like to get it set up so I could use it this winter.

    Thanks, Curt

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    Shouldn't be at all hard to do Curt. Resizing is simply a matter of evenly removing matterial. Not a rifle expert but I'd think you'd be best off redoing the glass packing.
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