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Thread: Dillon Service and RCBS

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    Default Dillon Service and RCBS

    I collapsed the decapping rod on my dillon carbide 223 die and I broke the primer magazine follower rod in half. Dillon sent me the parts no charge and paid the postage.

    RCBS has sent me several decapping rods free as well.

    No doubt about it in my mind that I borke the parts.

    Both companies sent stuff no questions askled.

    Good on them!

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    I live 53 miles from RCBS and have called them about a broken or missing part. They tell me it will be in the mail next Bus. day no charge. Last year I picked up an old lubber/resizer that was missing the handle. Called them and C/C in hand to pay for it. They told me no charge as it was still under warrenty no matter who owned it. Have called Dillon a couple times about a part breaking or failing, same thing part will be in the mail next Bus. day, no charge. Real hard to beat customer service like these two. Have driven up to the shop many times over the years with a prob. They either fixed it while I was standing there smiling at the good looking secratary(sp) at the front desk or replaced it on the spot.

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    Bought a RCBS Supreme (actually my wife did for my anniversary present) and it was missing the primer tray for the hand loader. I called them up and they mailed a new one no questions asked. For that reason the rest of the stuff I needed to buy ended up being RCBS.

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    RCBS is a great company! never any problems with getting help even when i was the one who broke the item. They just send a new one free of charge!


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