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Thread: Mt McKenzie hunting

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    Default Mt McKenzie hunting

    is there anything to hunt over there ? I heard there were coyotes etc and you could take them . but how easy it is ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roman View Post
    is there anything to hunt over there ? I heard there were coyotes etc and you could take them . but how easy it is ?
    Pt. Mack? Never heard of "MT. MACK"....... If it's Pt. then yes, there is yoties over there but you need to know where to go other wise there's to much action/noise around. If it's still "MT. MAC" then I can't tell you cause I have never heard of it.

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    Default Typo

    ok it was a type cause there aint no mountains there I saw .. yeah PT . POINT mackenzie

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    There are good number of predators of all sorts, canine, cat, bears and furbearers. There is an exceptional number of moose on Pt. Mac, probably the highest in the Anch area, not counting the Anch Hillside. But it is flat country, mostly timbered or in private ownership by several lawyers that have bought up the old farms, on speculation, that it will get developed. Only a couple of farmers left operating, but they don't like hunters either. There is a couple of pay to hunt operations over there as well, if you are in to that. It is very opportunistic type hunting, as visiblility is extremely limited. Calling works well, trapping works better for yotes. More "No Trespassing" signs than ever before, but if you have a snowmachine or wheeler, you can access some decent areas. Part of it is in the Susitna Flats Refuge, with off road vehicular restrictions, so you gotta read and understand the regs, regarding this aspect. There are some good lakes and creeks to fish there as well. It will be prime real estate for the expansion of Anchorage, if/when the bridge goes in.

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    Default Coyotes

    Several of my buddies have seen some yotes along the powerlines down there. We walked down 'em about a mile and a half and didn't see anything. On the other hand, they are quite elusive when we actually want to see them.


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