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Thread: .220 Swift freaks, I know there is some here.....

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    Default .220 Swift freaks, I know there is some here.....

    Just picked up a Ruger MK77 MarkII VT/Target in a .220 swift. I am looking into turning this gun into a tack driving, varmint smack in rooten too ten good time but, not finding what I am looking for (I suck at searching the net) so I, what I am looking for is;

    1. Synthetic stock with custom winter camo pattern, painted or molded.

    2. Scope? Your input here.. One came with it but I think I gonna use it on my .06.

    3. Reloading data, any of you have any secrete loads and are willing to part with the numbers? Has a 1/15 twist barrel.

    4. Bi pods, your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance, Curt

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    Default scope

    Check out the mueller line,make some great scopes. I put one on my 204 and love it. Of course anything w/ a gold ring will always work.

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    Default Curt

    I believe you'll find your rifle actually has a 1-14" twist, (that's standard). The 220 swift is my favorite varmint rifle of all. It likes bullets in the 52-53 grain and under weights down to 48 grains (original loading).
    ALL of my 220's have loved the Sierra 52gr BTHP. Barnes now makes a TSX 45 grn for the 220 swift and 22-250 with a 1-14" twist; haven't tried them yet though.

    As for a scope you'll find something in the 4x12 or4.5x14 (mine has a Burris 4.5x14 FF II) are very well suited. Letting you hunt in close proximity as well as being able to utilize the rifles superior range. At 400-500 yds you'll find it to be a death ray on coyote size animals.
    A stable platform is a must, wood stocks aren't stable enough for inclimate long range hunting; get a synthetic stock you like with a fairly wide/flat forearm so it sits level on available rests/rocks.
    Good luck !!
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