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    Default New gun

    Well, with all the polical crap going on and all the guns sales that are taking place, I decided to pick up Mini 14. I got the synthetic/stainless "target" model. I have been eyeing one for several years and thought this may be a good time to add 1 to the family. Now I'd like some advice on what type of optics should go on this little guy!! Pretty anxious to get him to the range!! Feel free to give my any other tid bits of things I can do!!

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    Not a bad time to pick up a Barack Obama special I bought one too not a mini 14, but a Saiga 7.62x39. Been thinking about getting another make in the same caliber. Can't really help you with optics as I'm in the same boat. Don't even know if I want to scope it yet.

    Good luck, sorry I couldn't help. Enjoy the mini14!


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    been thinking about another gun myself, I have a Gf that likes to buy me guns, how cool is that. last one she bought me was benelli M4. Any ideas? I like the wildcats and the unusual or just plain cool.


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