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Thread: Tent for Haul road in November

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    Default Tent for Haul road in November

    Just want to hear from anyone that has tent camped in extreme weather. I have the cabela's alaska guide 6 person tent with alum poles and the vestibule along with a big buddy heater. Will that suffice or do I need to bite the bullet and buy an arctic oven. Sooner or later I will get one, but funds are not there yet and we are heading up on the haul road in a few weeks for 4 days and I am starting to second guess that the cabela's tent is a smart choice.
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    Well it is good to see another AF person on the forums. I am due into Elmo in Feb sometime. I'm hoping I can get orders quick enough for me to make ferry reservations to put me in there before my RNLTD.

    I haven't hunted Haul Road but I have hunted the western mountains for elk during that time of year and it gets pretty nasty in the upper elevations. IMHO, if you take care of where you camp then you would be alright. By that I mean use some common sense in selecting a camp site. Don't set up on the windward side of a hill, try to stay shielded from the weather to whatever extent is possible (which may be easier said than done, if at all). That is a tough tent and I have seen it perform in nastiness in CO and it held up well. I wouldn't hesitate but as always, just use good sense.
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