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    Default Correspondence to Cooper Arms

    The following letters are emails that I have sent to Cooper Arms in the last couple of days. My hope is to convince Mr Cooper to completely withdraw fron Cooper Firearms of Montana and to preserve the company itself. I encourage others to do the same, to email and call Cooper Arms and to also speak to you friends and gun dealers. I am sure there are negotiations going on now and I want to help influence that process.


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    To Whom It May Concern,

    I was very shocked and disappointed to learn of Dan Cooper’s contributions to the Obama campaign for President. I was conversely very glad to see the swift response and action of your board of directors in asking for Mr. Cooper’s resignation and his agreement to do so. Although I respect Mr. Cooper’s right to his political views and support of any candidate he chooses, I am very bewildered by his choice to support Barak Obama who is now the President Elect of our country. President Elect Obama has a very clear anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment record. As a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, I am concerned that a gun enthusiast and manufacturer such as Mr Cooper, who throws his support to a demonstrated anti-gun candidate, can significantly erode and harm gun owner privileges in this country, as it sends a very confusing signal to those might believe that Mr. Obama poses no threat to our privileges. His record and candid statements are very clear.

    As I stated earlier, I am glad to see the action taken by the company to correct this breech of trust by Mr. Cooper. I think that Cooper Firearms of Montana makes a fine rifle and I hope and plan to support your company in the future, however, I would like to know that your company is completely severing its business relations with Mr. Cooper and that he is dissolving all of his interests and holdings in the company. I do not want to think that my support of Cooper Arms will in turn support Mr Cooper whom I believe supports a president that is committed to removing the many great privileges our constitution provides for us, gun ownership being only one. I can assure you that I am not alone in this sentiment. I am an active member of two online shooting forums and have read many threads from others. I am also a life member of the NRA.

    In order to reestablish trust with your supporters and clientele, I think it is important that the Cooper Arms Company takes some clear steps in severing its ties with Mr. Cooper and affirming its support of our constitutional freedoms based on the recently transpired events.

    I do not demand, but humbly suggest that your company completely sever its relations, including holdings with Mr. Cooper and make this public and transparent.

    I also suggest that your company make a strong and clear statement reaffirming its commitment to our Second Amendment privileges and that you in no way support President Elect Obama in regards to his position on gun ownership freedoms.

    I know your company has been thrust into a very difficult situation. I believe swift and decisive action along these lines will go a long way in reestablishing trust with your supporters.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Mark Weiser
    Bozeman, Mt

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    For the attention of Mr. Dan Cooper

    Dear Sir,

    I respect your right to your political views and freedom to support any political candidate you choose. However, to say that I am dismayed with your support of Barak Obama would be a gross understatement. President Elect Obama’s anti gun record is very clear and very contradictory to statements he made during his campaign. His candid statement which was caught off record behind close doors reveals his true sentiment. I quote, “And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion …”

    I believe your highly visible position as a gun maker, shooter and hunter make your decision to support Barak Obama all the more damaging to 2nd Amendment rights. Your support sends the mistaken message of trust for Mr. Obama and his party. We will undoubtedly see anti gun executive orders as well as legislation in the near future as Mr. Obama steps into his role as President assisted by a Democrat controlled congress. Thankfully we have an organization like the NRA to resist that.

    In light of these developments, I will not support Cooper Firearms of Montana as long as you are involved in any way, including holding shares, and I can assure you that I am not alone in this sentiment. This is not an easy decision for me but very clearly one I have to make for two reasons. First, I do not want any money I use to purchase guns to go to a business or individual that supports political persons and parties that have clearly shown themselves to be a threat to Second Amendment rights. Second, to do so sends a convoluted message of trust for those who want to strip our Second Amendment rights.

    You have worked hard to build a fine company that produces fine rifles. I know a decision to leave your company would be very difficult one. But this is what I am recommending to you if you want the company to be preserved and the jobs of your employees secured. I will be posting this letter on shooting forums and sharing my sentiment with your gun dealers. I won’t be doing any business with dealers who are doing business with your company as long as you are involved in any way and I will let them know that. Once again this is not an easy decision. I do not want to see your employees loose their jobs, but the fall out of Barak Obama’s presidency will likely cost many gun related jobs to be lost.

    I will cling to both my guns and my faith.

    Your reply in this matter is certainly welcome.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Mark Weiser
    Bozeman, Mt

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    I am bringing this back to the top for all you guys and gals to read.

    I originally thought this would work itself out and Mr Cooper would step out of the picture. However, I am having my doubts... Today I called Cooper Arms and asked the person I spoke to what was going on as far as Dan was concerned? He said, "It's all still up in the air", in a frustrated tone, which got me thinking... Mr Cooper might be trying to keep his sorry foot in the door until this all blows over.

    There are two democratic senators and a democrtaic governor in this state who all support Obama. They are all also probably friends of Cooper and no doubt encouraging him to stick it out. Also, there are a lot of democratic gun owners in Montana (as well as other places), who are supporting Cooper.

    To make a long story a little less long, I am asking you... those who live in Alaska, or Iowa, or Mississippi, or Idaho, or anywhere else, to let Dan Cooper and Cooper Arms know that we will not tolerate betrayal. Even if you are not a Cooper rifle person, this issue realy has some significant impact in the gun world, that gun owners are supporting the likes of Barak Obama... amazing.

    I do believe the employees, management and board of directors of Cooper Arms are just like us, at least the vast majority, and are in a very difficult position. Their boss has betrayed them and now they are facing some decisions. Let's convince Dan to gitty'ep, and preserve a fine rifle making company.

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    Default de-confuse me

    I have read earlier posts that basically said Cooper supported Obama, in order to get Hillary defeated. I bought this! Now is there something else?? Of course I will write Cooper Arms, as I am(was) just about to order a .204 Phoenix, and another caliber Classic!! WHOOA BOB! !!! What was i going to do?? OK, if this is true, who makes a rifle comparable? I seem to be shoping again!! Thanks, bob

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    I wrote a similiar letter to Cooper arms and got this reply, from a Dan Pickett:
    In response to the recent article highlighting Dan Cooper’s personal political donations, the board of directors, shareholders and employees of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc would like to issue the following statement.

    The employees, shareholders and board of directors of Cooper Firearms of Montana do not share the personal political views of Dan Cooper.

    Although we all believe everyone has a right to vote and donate as they see fit, it has become apparent that the fallout may affect more than just Mr. Cooper. It may also affect the employees and the shareholders of Cooper Firearms.

    The board of directors has asked Mr. Cooper to resign as President of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc.

    Daily operations will continue with the competent staff currently in place in Stevensville, MT producing the finest, most accurate rifles money can buy.

    Dan Cooper has spent all of his working life producing the highest quality rifles built here in the USA. He started with nothing but the American Dream and built that into firearms company anyone would be proud of. We firmly believe Dan stands by the 2nd amendment.
    We wish him all of the best in his future pursuits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkBobby View Post
    I have read earlier posts that basically said Cooper supported Obama, in order to get Hillary defeated. I bought this! Now is there something else?? Of course I will write Cooper Arms, as I am(was) just about to order a .204 Phoenix, and another caliber Classic!! WHOOA BOB! !!! What was i going to do?? OK, if this is true, who makes a rifle comparable? I seem to be shoping again!! Thanks, bob
    That business about Cooper supporting Obama to defeat Clinton was on the first post on the Cooper site to explain away Cooper's support of Obama. Well it was very inaccurate and taken down the same day and replaced the following day with what jmckenny posted. That was taken down a couple days later. So everything is up in the air.

    Some more info I found out last week while making some calls and sending some emails. I talked with the manager of the local Sportsaman's Warehouse to encourage them not to do businees with Cooper. He said he thought the Cooper had left, but I informed him otherwise and suggested he call the company. He also said I was the first call he saying to stop doing business with Cooper, that he had got several others telling him just the opposite (Bozeman is a university and somewhat liberal town). He also said he talked with the local head of the democratic party here, who had talked with many of the Cooper employees and they told him they wanted Cooper to leave. So both his board and his employees want him gone. I sure hope he doesn't try to stay. You might try calling the company and telly them how you feel as well as sending an email. I still haven't got a reply.

    As for buying a comparable rifle, that would be tough for the $$$. Coopers are great rifles. HS makes good rifles with the same guarantee but they cost about 50% more and from what I've heard the Coopers are probably a little better.

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    Mr. Cooper has every right to support who he chooses. We also have every right to buy from whatever firearm maker we choose. I will not spend a dime with cooper arms until cooper resigns.

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    Default cooper reply!!

    mont. rf. thanks for the info and reply!! Thats enough for me! I will write to Cooper and tell them basically what i posted here. You have your voting rights and i have my "pocketbook rights"!! It may cost me more for my one or two guns now,,,,,,but what about later??. thanks again bob n

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    Default It gets worse!

    Check out HS Precisions endorsement by Lou Horiuchi, the FBI sniper that murdered a woman with a baby in her arms!

    Maybe Charter Arms sould get the Son of Sam to endorse their Bulldog pistol also!
    Living the urban lifestyle so I can pay my way and for my family's needs, and support my country. And you?
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    Default privilege?????

    montana---not trying to hijack this thread ,but the word "privilege" is flat out wrong to use in this context----we are talking about a RIGHT---all the other ideas in the bill of rights are exactly that,RIGHTS---i think that we who hold the 2nd amensment dear must be careful to only use the term "right" when discussing this issue----can you imagine what would happen if one of us started discussing the "privilege" of worship--sorry for jumping all over you for this,but it is important for us not to concede the 2nd amendments position as a right

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    2: something to which one has a just claim: as a: the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled <voting rights> <his right to decide>

    : a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor

    ezmarsh, I understnd what you're saying. There may be a philosophical or semantical difference. I view our so-called "rights" as privileges because they can be taken away. A piece of paper gave us these rights and another piece of paper can take them away from us and we already see the evidence of that in our country, including the so-called right to freedom of speech and freedom of worship. They are "rights" in the legal sense but my view of them as privileges reminds me how easily these rights can be taken from us and all the more reason to cherish and advocate them.

    But you're right, and I will use the term "right", because they are legally rights given to us by our constitution.


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