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Thread: Bunch of used handguns

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    Default Bunch of used handguns

    Northern Security on Old Seward just north of Tudor has a bunch of used handguns they got from somewhere. Probably a dozen or so used S&W's, a bunch of used Ruger 9mm autos, plus a variety of other guns. Seem to have noticeably better prices on these that I have seen anywhere else and I've looked at a lot. One I nearly bought was a nice S&W 645 .45 - Ithink they wanted $350 for it - it is hard to buy a decent .45 of any brand at that price.

    I don't usually comment on what any store has for sale but the prices and assortment makes a stop there worthwhile if you are in the area. I bought what I wanted so I'll let others have a chance
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    A bullsye(friend) shooter of mine once had one of these until he shot it through a Ransom Rest? He sold it right after.


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