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Thread: Stoopid Question #1 .45 acp

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    Cool Stoopid Question #1 .45 acp

    I haven't ever owned a semi-auto pistol (but Obama may be begging me to get one sooner than later ) so I am obviously a little ignorant about the subject. What does ACP stand for? Regarding .45s what is a 1911? Seems like everyone makes one; Colt, Browing, High Standard. What is the difference between a pick-your-brand 1911 and say, a Ruger P90?


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    ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol. Lots of info here about 1911's....better than I can explain:
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    Default 45acp

    WOW, wide open question without simple answers.
    1911, 1911 a1, LDA from para ordnance, double actions, single actions,
    1911's from $350-$3,000, no kidding, Ruger 345, 90 97, S&W, SIG220, SIG 245, CZ 97, GLOCK, SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD ETC.
    go ahead and try and type in 45acp in search same,
    I have a 1911 a1, Colt/Springfield slap together that shoots off the bench about 2 inch groups with quality ammo, SIG 220 used that outperforms the 1911, have shot and played with I believe ALL of the available handguns (or **** close to all, very nice buddies at the private range)
    Love the 45acp, magazines are cheapest (?) for the 1911a1, surplus and new, 7-8 round mags that fit flush; of course I am not including the commander and officer size models.
    Under $600 accuracy; used SIG220, then the RUGER 345/90, CZ97.
    Simplicity just look at all of them.
    okay, I started this, this will be interesting,


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