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Thread: Exploring Alaska

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    Default Exploring Alaska

    My wife and I are avid hunters and have drempt of going to alaska on a hunting trip.As all hunts seem to be to expensive we are looking to travel and see the real Alaska not the tourist type places and would like to camp
    in tenting areas so not to be surounded by r.v's we would also like to fish
    are there any books or contacts asto get info to plan such a trip.

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    Sounds crazy but 4 National Parks, Preserves, National Monuments and wilderness areas along with some dandy wildlife refuges make NW Alaska a hunting and fishing paradise and no RVsí!

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    Do it yourself hunts ain't to expensive if you can be happy with Black Bear and Sitka Blacktail deer,no guide needed. You can take the ferry to Prince of Wales island and go a long time without seeing tourist except for the mirror. Check out a topo map and you will fine miles of unused logging roads to travel. Also great fishing and you don't have to worry about Brown Bears. I would be sure to take at least an axe,chainsaw is better just in case you need to clear a tree off the road.

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    If you plan to drive you will see people. The road system in Alaska is small and during hunting season you will find RV's, ATV's and people at nearly every place there are hunting possibilities.

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    Default A possibility

    You might pick up a copy of Gunnar Pedersen's "The Highway Angler", available on this website. He details several road-based fishing excursions you might find interesting. As to the hunting aspects there are several angles you might consider. Drop me a line (click on the link under my name to send me a private message), and let's talk. Yes, I do paid consultant work, but for stuff like this I usually just help you get pointed in the right direction at no charge.

    Hope it helps!

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