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Thread: Birch Lake 11 NOV 08

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    Default Birch Lake 11 NOV 08

    Went down to Birch Lake today. Got there around 12:30. Walked from the boat landing to just below the point in the middle of the lake. Many char 14-17", good eating size. We both took 3 home for the fry pan, let many more go......couple of small 'bows as well.

    Fished in about 9 feet of water - swedish pimple and little shrimps.

    Ice was about 6-8".

    Great weather - perfect Veteran's day for this vet!

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    Default Congratulations on a good day!

    I'm jealous, I had an ice house on Birch Lake for years when I lived in Fairbanks. Now many years I wait until Christmas for snow in Wasilla.
    Happy Veterans Day.


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